Promotion > Vip Club CashBack Upgrade condition for each level

Vip Club CashBack Upgrade condition for each level

Promotion Tag :VIP Club

Promotional target : All Members

Promotional period : 2022/07/18 ~ 2023/07/01

Upgrade condition for each level:

VIP Bonus for each level:

**Get BONUS every month, must deposit more than 100 every month to get bonus.

【TIGER Prize】

Just play JILI, JDB, CQ9 slots to get the prize. Win 200x or more, get as many times as possible in 1 round. Will have a chance to win TIGER prize


1、Level 3 members accumulate deposits from July 18 to July 31 exceeding 100 pesos, and can get 8 bonuses.

2、Level 3 members can accumulate deposit from July 8 to July 31 of 50 pesos, not get Monthly Bonus.

Promotion detail:

  • 1、The system will update the “VIP Level” around 03:00 every day (it will upgrade when the deposit number, total deposit amount and total bet amount reach a certain amount)
  • 2、Click to upgrade when it fulfills the condition. The System will distribute the Upgrade Bonus immediately. If you don't click, the system will distribute automatically.
  • 3、The Monthly Bonus will be distributed at 18:00 on the 5th of every month
  • 4、VIP Level Upgrade Bonus requires 1X Turnover, no restricted game and withdrawal.


  • 1、How to view VIP information: Member Center > VIP Zone > VIP
  • 2、How to receive Bonus: Member Center > Notification > Bonus > click to receive